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Albatros Life Büyükçekmece, where you can live a peaceful life in
the bay of blue, on the shore of the sea, is on sale… A safe life
in which blue is not missing from its windows intertwined with nature,
which is a two-minute walk from the beach, Albatros Life Büyükçekmece ...

Albatros Life Büyükçekmece project is being built in Büyükçekmece, the rising value of the European side, with the signature of Asil Insaat.

Just as you imagined ...

Home means life. The house is the place where the most beautiful memories, dreams, hopes, excitements, and most importantly, loved ones. That is why everyone should feel most happy at home. Just like Albatros Life Büyükçekmece, full of happy ideas!

2.863 m²
4 Blocks / 76 Flats
Albatros Life


100 m²


  • LIVING ROOM23.00 m²
  • MASTER BEDROOM15.00 m²
  • KITCHEN9.00 m²
  • BATHROOM3.50 m²
  • ENTRANCE5.00 m²
  • BALCONY2.00 m²
  • GARDEN8.00 m²

NET AREA:66.00 m² - GROSS AREA:100.00 m²

110 m²


  • LIVING ROOM23.20 m²
  • BEDROOM11.00 m²
  • MASTER BEDROOM15.00 m²
  • KITCHEN9.00 m²
  • BATHROOM3.50 m²
  • ENTRANCE7.50 m²
  • BALCONY2.00 m²

NET AREA:74.00 m² - GROSS AREA:110.00 m²

210 m²


  • LIVING ROOM23.00 m²
  • MASTER BEDROOM14.50 m²
  • BEDROOM11.00 m²
  • KITCHEN9.00 m²
  • BATHROOM3.50 m²
  • ENTRANCE7.50 m²
  • BALCONY2.50 m²
  • STAIR3.00 m²

NET AREA:140.00 m² - GROSS AREA:210.00 m²

210 m²


  • BEDROOM12.50 m²
  • BATHROOM4.00 m²
  • TERRACE16.50 m²
  • STAIR3.00 m²

NET AREA:140.00 m² - GROSS AREA:210.00 m²

Albatros Life


Located in Albatros, the most valuable location of Büyükçekmece, Albatros Life set out to change the residential habits in the region. Rising right next to elite schools, hospitals and shopping centers, the project provides an advantage with its proximity to connection roads.

The distance of Albatros Life project to the sea is only 50 meters. In the project, all of the duplex apartments have a sea view, besides the normal apartments, there are also apartments for garden use.

The Albatros Life project, which rises at a point that provides easy access to the 3rd Airport, is also very close to the E5 Highway, E6 Highway and the 3rd Bridge connection.

Kolan Hospital3 MIN
Atirus AVM4 MIN
Büyükçekmece BUDO6 MIN
Metrobus Station8 MIN
Perlavista AVM10 MIN
Istanbul Airport30 MIN

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